Samstag, 13. Januar 2007

...none will achieve the cool perfection of Blind Date...

(…) Choreographer Mario Heinemann's mesmerizing work uses a mathematical theme, the irrational number Phi. A couple (Florian Eckhardt and Anne Poncet-Staab) explore their relationship with angular movement that never becomes mechanical. Watching them is as niftily absorbing as manipulating a tricky puzzle of interlocking forms.
Fringe 2002 has numerous dance events, but surely none will achieve the cool perfection of "Blind Date - Body Theater" (…).
Heinemann's primary aim is to reach sensual perfection, just like the math concept. Phi finds many echoes in nature, and Sophie Jalliet's sepia-toned videos projected on the back wall take up this aspect. Scenes of people running through a field or scavenging in the dirt contrast with the dancers' studied angularity onstage. Precision lighting and a score of mechanical plus natural sounds complement Blind Date. (…)

Quelle: Curtain Up
Photos: Günter Krämmer

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