Samstag, 13. Januar 2007

"Blind Date -- Body Theater," at La Tea becomes my favorite

Of the things I see, a collaboration between Heidelberg choreographer Mario Heinemann and videographer Sophie Jallet (MS-Tanzwerk) called "Blind Date -- Body Theater," at La Tea (closed) becomes my favorite.
Heinemann's movement vocabulary is as angular as a mathematical theorem, cool and spare. It sometimes recalls Beppie Blankert, sometimes Alwin Nikolais. In the first of many duets, Florian Eckhardt is connected to Anne Poncet-Staab at the elbow like a spider's spinaret to its web. The two bodies find multiple ways to fit together but none of the positions seems to produce pleasure. Meanwhile, on the screen behind the dancers, a figure runs in freedom.
A second couple replaces the first, Helene Chevrier and Berit Jentzsch. The newcomers dance equally dispassionately, with the precision of gymnasts, always positioned concretely in a space that takes on an almost clinical sterility. There's something so essentially Teutonic about these people; I dig their reserve, their tireless energy. Words are projected on the back wall: "Everything is related to everything else."
The first couple eventually heats up, becoming almost competitive, and their final repetitive duet is quite lovely, against a stunning visual of video projection and light. The episodic structure of alternating duets is too dry though, interfering with the emerging flow. Perhaps the text proselytizes too loudly about the beauty of integrated connection, insists too much that geometry = groovy.

By Chris Dohse
Copyright 2002 Chris Dohse

Quelle: The Dance Insider

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